Although Lisa has faced a lot of physical pain and other struggles in her life, she is inspired to Commit Life and continue pushing forward because she is inspired by Faith, her young daughter who is in a wheelchair. They are currently seeking help to get funding for a new wheelchair-accessible van and would appreciate your help in by sharing their story and offering any financial support you can. To read about Faith’s journey and to support their campaign, please visit their GoFundMe page.

I seemed to have everything going right. On the surface I was a happy 18-year-old kid who seemed to have it all together. I started a new job in the city with my uncle, just met my beautiful future wife, and really didn’t have any real responsibilities to speak of. But for some reason every once in a while I would just break down in tears out of no where. And I couldn’t really explain why. One day when my mom asked me how I was doing, I just started balling my eyes out and I told her how I really felt.


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