how to commit lifeCommit life means that you face adversity with hopefulness, joy, and a healthy amount of optimism. It’s a way of looking for the silver lining in our struggles.

When you share how you Commit Life, you are admitting that life can be hard, but there is still hope and meaning in our lives. Also, by tagging the people or organizations that have encouraged you to find meaning, purpose and hope, you bring a small piece of meaning and purpose to their lives and encourage them to do the same.

There are endless ways to Commit Life. What’s yours?

Helpful tips for posting your video

  • Keep your video short and sweet
  • Use #CommitLife if posting your video on Twitter or Instagram.
  • If using Facebook, post your video to the ELM Facebook Page or use @elmcampaign in your post.
  • Tag the people or organizations that have helped you Commit Life to let them know how they have impacted your life.

Commit Life Video Formula

I Commit Life by _________________. Julie, Christopher, and Kathy you have all been an inspiration to me in my life journey, so show us how you Commit Life.

Example videos