Watch the videoELM (Every Life Matters) is the official Commit Life campaign. This campaign was initiated to reach vulnerable people at risk of self-harm and suicide with encouragement and hope. We’re not experts on mental health or the complex factors that contribute to suicide, but we do believe that a deficit of hope in our world is a major contributor to this problem.

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For those of us who are severely and negatively affected by our circumstances – maybe the best thing to do is to see them in a new way. There are people in the world who find happiness in circumstances that others would look at and despair from. If nothing else, this should tell us that our circumstances need not define our ability to seek hope and joy. Learning to change our attitudes by committing life could be the exact thing that some of us need to turn away from self-harm and to celebrate who we are… to speak of our vulnerability as strength, our disability as ability and opportunity. 

tree collageGet inspired by those who have shared their story about how they commit life or share your own story. You never know who might be affected and encouraged by your witness of hope. Sometimes seeing the struggles of others and the way they overcome their adversity is all the perspective we need to realize that we can overcome as well.

Let’s overwhelm the world with inspiration and hope.

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